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Classes are back and booking fast

Happy New Year

Are you well rested and ready for a fabulous 2023? We are :)

I wanted to talk to you about some of our fabulous classes over the next few months.

Vicky is back and teaching her free motion basics and ruler work quilting classes.

We have one position left in the class on Saturday 4 February 2023.

Learn the basics of quilting with rulers and the ruler foot. You will learn what rulers are and how to use them with your machine. You will explore your machine settings. The ¼” Ruler Foot was specifically designed to use with quilting rulers for ruler work. Specials on this foot apply for those that attend the class. Guide quilting templates along the edge of the foot to create straight, curved, or repetitious patterns depending on your ruler or quilting template. Rulerwork quilting can create unique finishes to your quilting projects. Using rulerwork rulers and shapes in conjunction with a rulerwork foot, you can achieve the perfect professional looking finish to your quilted projects. Fee also includes the panel. This panel will come pre basted with backing and wool poly wadding so that you are ready to start quilting without the need for time spent basting.

If you can't make this class and want to join one later in the year, we are running this class again on

Friday 3 March

Tuesday 4 July

Saturday 2 September

Click on any of the links to book or come in for a chat and more information.

On Tuesday 21 February Vicky will be in the classroom ready to help you quilt your quilts. You are welcome to ruler work quilt / free motion quilt / walking foot quilt. Bring in your quilt and machines and appropriate accessories and Vicky will guide you as you quilt your project. This way you have an expert on hand to answer your questions. For hand quilting please discuss your needs with us before you book. We want to ensure we can meet you needs appropriately.

If you want to learn more about free motion quilting Vicky is running a basics class on Saturday 4 March 2023. She will help you gain some new skills. We are using an Amanda Murphy fabric that has lots of hidden secret patterns in it. It will help you see the patterns more easily. Learn the basic shapes, movements and patterns

Vicky will also teach a collage quilt class using our Australia birds panels. This is a one day workshop and you have a choice of birds. Piece finishes approx 13*17 inches / 33*43cm

Learn how to free motion applique. Learn how to use fabrics to create a picture. The price includes tuition and kit.

We welcome Michelle Lewis to our teaching team.

There are still a couple of spots left in her 3 day bra making workshop on Tuesday 28 February, Wednesday 1 March and Thursday 2 March class. To grab these positions while you can come in to see samples or book here Bra Making - 3 day Workshop March | my-sewing-supplies (

Deborah Louie will be running some one day workshops this year. These are in addition to her monthly classes.

First up is Let's Quilt - The theory of walking foot quilting Friday 24 March 2023 This is the perfect class for you if you are about to quilt your first quilt. Learn from the Master.

Know your walking foot. Learn quilting basics

All aspects of machine quilting to get you started quilting your own quilts.

o Marking the quilt stencils, pens, pencils, quilt pounces, efficient marking techniques

o Backing fabrics

o Waddings : all the varieties explained

o Pinning the quilt: Deborah’s unique techniques fully demonstrated

o Threads, needles all covered

o Technique of machine quilting

o Stitch sizes and how they can affect the out come

o Stopping and starting beautifully every time

o Stitch in the ditch , how the seam can effect the quilt

o Decorative stitches using the walking foot

o Cross hatching

o Cables and Curves with walking foot Quilting blocks and borders

o Theory of how to quilt of any style and size

I'll leave class information there but there are lots more coming and lots of variety. We are increasing our dress making classes. I am really looking forward to this.

There are still lots of machine specials this month. Baby Lock have lots of their overlockers on sale until 29 January 2023.

BERNINA have also extended their sale ahead of a price rise on 1 February 2023. If you are thinking of a new BERNINA machine, for your sake, please don't leave it too long.

The bernette sale has also been extended. Please come in to order yours this month.

On the fabric front we have made up some new kits, put hundreds of bolts on special and done a shop rearrange. New stock has started to come in and we are looking forward to sewing with it. Come for a browse and see what's new and what we are up to. I'll put some photos up in the next newsletter.

We hope to see you soon

Happy Sewing


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