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Yes you read that correctly. From today we will be starting a weekly post about the Bernina Q machines. This will occur weekly at 5pm on a Tuesday.

These are a fabulous range of long arm quilting machines and are available in both sit down and frame versions.

We are one of NSW's premier dealers and use a Q24 machine, with Qmatic software, in store every day. Both Vicky and Crystal are great at trouble shooting questions and Vicky and Ian are our A team when it comes to delivery and installation.

Anything we can't answer ... we have a team of Bernina Australia and Bernina International experts supporting us. ready and willing to get some answers with us.

I'm not sure how long these sessions will run for but it will be at least a few months. We hope you enjoy the posts and learn at least a little.

If you are interested in one on one training this can be arranged. This is available on Frame Quilting, Sit Down Quilting or Qmatic. Please contact the store to find out more. An hourly rate applies.

Today we start with what are the machines, specs and differences. Please see the attached document.

Please note the attached document is prepared by Bernina America. The following differences occur in the Australian market and the below information overrides the document.

The Koala table has a 2 year warranty in Australia.

The Horn table comes as standard on the Q16 in Australia.

The Horn table comes with a 12 month warranty.

The Koala table is an optional upgrade with the Q16 in Australia.

The Q20 you have the choice of either the Horn or Koala table when you purchase. The price varies for each.

The Classic frame is more commonly stocked and sold in Australia, Other frames are likely to be special ordered into the country and could be a wait time of 3 or so months. This can be determined to the best of our ability at the time of order or expression of interest.

As always, if you have any questions please ask.

If you would like to be quoted on one of these machines, please ask.

Download • 96KB

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