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Happy New Year

We've had a great time with family over Christmas and are taking a few days to get some things done around the house and shop before we reopen on the 10th at 9.30am.

What did you get up to?

Tonight will be quiet, so between some bits of housework I thought I would say a quick hello.

I am thinking about how to be more organised this year. I always start well, but then get so many ideas and distractions that I go a little astray.

Classes are well underway in terms of planning and programming. You can see them all (to date) here

Calendar view

Class view

Our school holiday workshops commence 19 January. We have 4 great classes planned that week and there is still room in all of them.

We welcome Michelle Lewis to the teaching team. She will join us for a couple of bra making workshops this year. The first is late Feb / early March

One idea floating in my brain is a retreat. Would you be interested? Would you prefer teachers with specific projects or just time where you can sew your own items? Do you want to stay or go home at night? How long would you like to stay? I'd love to know your thoughts. Feel free to email me.

I wanted to share a couple of things for you to consider as you plan your year.

Did you leave some half-finished projects in December because you knew that you would not get them finished by Christmas? Now is the time to put them in your diary. I made the mistake of not doing that last year and I forgot all about them. Schedule them, start your gift list and make it happen !! You need to start the gift list too otherwise you may not remember what you already have organised, ask me how I know LOL

Have a stiff drink and look at what other unfinished projects you have. If it doesn't make you nauseous then make a list of them and give yourself realistic time frames to finish them. The time frame needs to be realistic so you don't miss it and become discouraged. I always overestimate my ability and miss the deadline. 2023 keep it real !!

If that list is not too bad, then look at what fabrics and projects you have collected ready to start. Plan them out. No use storing all of these, make them happen.

Still need some organisational tools ? How about this one.....

Head over to this page and sign up for her newsletters to see her patterns and get lots of freebies. She also has some fabulous patterns you can purchase.

Download PDF • 208KB

I am going to be keeping various fabrics at reduced prices $8-12/m. Bear these in mind for quilt backs, borders and fillers. This dramatically reduced stock will be a 1m minimum purchase.

If you want to take your projects with you when you move about, then how about one of these fabulous bags. They are big and flat enough to stop it all slipping about. You also have pockets for notions and smaller pieces.

There are a few colourways and fabrics to choose from. They are all the same price.

Lastly, for those who are considering buying a new BERNINA or bernette sewing machine or overlocker I wanted you to know that prices will go up on machines and accessories as a 1 Feb 2023. See some of the options below that will continue at special pricing until the end of January 2023.

Over the next week Ian and I will be in and out of the shop getting the classroom ready for a big year of classes. We hope to see you on the 10th. Thanks for all of your support in 2022. We hope that 2023 brings you success and happiness, or at a minimum a little more normality than the past few years have.

Happy New Year

Bernadette and Ian

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