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Working with Vinyl - Scan n Cut

This week's Thursday nights with your Brother is brought to you again by Crystal, our Scan n Cut guru.

I love using my Brother Scan n Cut for my Christmas decorations and gifts. It makes life so easy and using vinyl is a great simple way to jazz up something plain and boring. I want to share with you some of the projects and tools I use to make fantastic gifts and decorations.

My favourite vinyl tool is the weeding tool which is available as a set called the ‘hook and spatula set’.

It is available to purchase through My Sewing Supplies.

My other favourite tool is the scraper as this allows for smooth transfer of items.

Again, it is available from My Sewing Supplies

For those that have a Scan n Cut SDX model, you also have the ability to purchase a vinyl blade. This is a new product and initially can be bought as a Vinyl Starter kit. The kit is a fantastic way to purchase the vinyl blade as it gives you the blade/blade holder, access to new designs specific to vinyl and also the ability to place a weeding box around your vinyl design to assist with weeding. A Disney version is also available which can be used on all SDX machines. This is a great way to still create using Disney designs if you don’t have the SDX2200D machine.

Both kits are available from My Sewing Supplies

Standard and Disney

If you would like more information have a look at the following links. I have been around the world and tried to find you the best of in terms of different information.

Vinyl starter kit

More information in relation to tiling and weeding function

How to cut vinyl

Here is a project for you to do. It covers applying vinyl to a Christmas decoration

Your Scan n Cut machine has lots of inbuilt designs which can be then put onto items for decoration. You can also use SVG files found on the internet by using Canvas Workspace. Stay tuned for more information relating to this.

If you are looking for blank items to decorate, keep an eye out at places such as Kmart, Ikea and alike as they often have great items that can be cheaply decorated with vinyl. There are also many stores online that sell blank acrylic/perspex items.

Hope this has inspired you to explore your Scan n Cut machine further and get started on those Christmas gifts!

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