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Much more is happening !!

Hello again

I know I just wrote to you all, but a lot has happened since then and I thought I would touch base more often but with smaller newsletters. I also had not expected such a news filled week. I promise I will not keep this frequency up :)

Here is what has happened this week. Wednesday saw the dealers learn about the latest BERNINA products that are coming over the next 6 or so months. There are 3 significant releases I wanted you to know about.

Here is a quick summary. We can tell you more if you want to know, just ask. Pre orders are open, delivery is expected Oct - Dec depending on your machine.

First up is the .....

B990 BERNINA top of the range sewing and embroidery machine

More information will follow separately in this machine. I am just trying to collate the best information and will do a separate newsletter just on this.

A special edition red (because it is fastest !!) B735 Bernina will be released as a patchwork edition. These will be the same price as the current B735, you just get a fancy machine for the same price. You also get 2 bonus feet !! This will go up on the website over the next week but can be preordered in either store. Sorry about the quality of the photos but it is the best I have currently.

Bernette have brought out a straight stitch machine. The b08.....

This has been tested in the USA and is proving to have great punch power. It's a great machine for bag makers and dressmakers. It's even suited to quilters. With an extra large bobbin, 1600 stitches per minute, precision piecing narrow feed dogs and an automatic thread cutter, it is hard to say no. You can add a Quilting making presser foot set or a Sewing set. We give you 10% of these sets when you purchase the machine from us. Again sorry for the dodgy image. This too will be on the website for pre order shortly.

Another quick deadline is for the Aurifil Thread Advent Calendar. We only found out about this today and orders need to be in by 28 June 2024. This the urgency of another email to give you time to think and order. Here are the details. What better way to celebrate each day in December than with opening a new window and getting a thread to add to your collection?

*PRE-ORDER ONLY - Please note that there won’t be a rerun for this item

  • Order due date: Friday, June 28

  • Delivery: November 2024

Le Alpi Advent Calendar by Aurifil

Introducing, Le Alpi, Aurifil's inaugural advent calendar. A delightful homage to the holiday traditions of our childhood, it was designed to rekindle the pure, unadulterated joy that once sparkled in our eyes as we eagerly awaited the festive season. Each compartment holds one small spool of Aurifil’s 100% cotton thread, meticulously curated to bring a burst of excitement.

Essential Details

Explore the colours of the season: Our palette of 24 hues includes five brand-new, limited-edition 50wt colours exclusive to this advent calendar as well as the introduction of five new shades of 8wt and a medley of Aurifil's cotton thread weights.

In addition to each carefully selected spool, the calendar will offer access to a secure online portal bursting with digital goodies, compliments of Aurifil! We hope you delight in each new day and find your own story within the spools.

Here is the order link

I will leave it there for tonight and I will touch base again next week all going well.

Have a great weekend


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