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What's available for Janome AcuFeed Feet ...

The AcuFeed Flex Fabric Feeding System, gives much of the Janome range unrivalled fabric feeding capabilities by duplicating the lower feed dogs on top of the fabric with the upper feed dogs. When sewing the fabric is moved from the top and the bottom with the two feed dogs working in tandem ensuring that there is no puckering or gathering of the fabric being sewn.

AcuFeed Flex works well on multiple layers of fabric, but also when sewing all types of fabrics from the heaviest denims, vinyl, all the way down to the lightest chiffons.

The twin type dual feed attachments give you superior stability by taking full advantage of a wider stance. Engage the exclusive AcuFeed™ /AcuFeed Flex™ fabric feeding system and feel your project moving together under the needle with perfect precision. With different options you are able to select one that will help you complete your quilting project.

Note the holder comes separately to the base. The bases come on and off depending on your need.

Most models that come with AcuFeed Flex, come with the AD Foot and Dual Holder (Twin) as standard, but specialty jobs need specialty feet and that is why Janome have a range of additional feet available. Each of the additional feet available have been designed for a specific application, making each of them a must have addition to your sewing machine.

*Check your instruction book for the included feet with your model as included feet differ between models. I have tried to give you a guide here but ask that you double check

AcuFeed Flex Compatible Models: Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker, Memory Craft 15000, Memory Craft 14000, Memory Craft 12000, Continental M7 Professional, Memory Craft 9450QCP, Memory Craft 9400QCP, Memory Craft 8900QCP, Memory Craft 8900QCP Special Edition, Memory Craft 8200QCP, Memory Craft 8200QCP Special Edition, Memory Craft 6700P, Skyline S9, Skyline S7

Professional Grade HP2 Compatible Models: Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker V3.0, Memory Craft 15000 V3.0, Continental M7 Professional V1.1, Memory Craft 9450QCP V1.0, Memory Craft 9400QCP V2.10, Skyline S9 V2.10, Memory Craft 6700P

AcuFeed Flex Dual Feed Feet attach to the Dual Feed Unit.

AcuFeed Flex Straight Stitch Foot STD (Twin) – SKU: 202102005 (Optional for the AcuFeed Flex models listed above)

STD Foot- Straight Stitch foot, used in conjunction with the Straight Stitch needle plate.

To purchase click on the link

AcuFeed Flex Ditch Quilting Foot SD (Twin) SKU: 202103006 (Optional for the AcuFeed Flex models listed above)

The ditch base and holder are shown here

SD Foot- Ditch Quilting foot, this foot has a metal guide in the middle of the foot. The guide sits in the ditch formed between the seams, guiding the stitches into the ditch effectively hiding them when they are quilted.

To purchase click on the link

AcuFeed Flex 1/4″ Quilt Piecing Foot OD (Twin) – SKU: 202125004 (Standard Quilt Maker 15000, S9) (Optional for the other models)

OD Foot- ¼” AcuFeed Flex foot, the foot has a metal guide on the edge of the foot which is used to give the perfect ¼” seam every time. Use this foot with the patchwork piecing Sewing Applications menu (applicable models) or with the ¼” piecing stitch (refer to your machine manual for more information) and the Straight Stitch Needle Plate.

To purchase click on the link

AcuFeed Flex Open Toe Foot UD (Twin) – SKU: 202149004 (Standard Quilt Maker 15000, S9) (Optional for the CM7, MC9450, MC6700P, S6)

UD Foot- Open Toe AcuFeed Flex foot, this foot has a cut out at the front of the foot to give an unimpeded view of your sewing. Great when you are quilting around shapes/ objects or when you are appliquing.

To purchase click on the link

AcuFeed Foot AD (twin) - SKU: 859819109 (Standard CM7, Quilt Maker 15000, MC9450, MC6700P, S9, S7, S6)

AD Foot- Standard AcuFeed Flex foot, designed for all of your sewing/ quilting needs when sewing with the AcuFeed Flex Dual Feed engaged. Great for quilting and general sewing with multiple layers or tricky to sew fabrics.

To purchase click on the link

AcuFeed Holder (twin) - SKU: 859817004 (Standard CM7, Quilt Maker 15000, MC6700P, S9, S7, S6)

To purchase click on the link

AcuFeed Holder (Single) - SKU: 859833006 (Standard Quilt Maker 15000, S9) (Optional for the CM7, MC9450, MC6700P, S6)

To purchase click on the link

AcuFeed Foot VD (Single) - SKU: 859835101 (Standard Quilt Maker 15000, S9) (Optional for the CM7, MC9450, MC6700P, S6)

VD Foot- Single AcuFeed foot, the narrow VD foot works in conjunction with the Dual Feed Holder Single, to give a smaller version of the AcuFeed Flex foot. This foot still allows for a 9mm stitch width and is great for sewing on the edge while still having the benefit of the AcuFeed Flex system for great fabric feeding.

To purchase click on the link

AcuFeed Zipper Foot ED (Single) - SKU: 859838001 (Standard Quilt Maker 15000, S9) (Optional for the CM7, MC9450, MC6700P, S6)

ED Foot- Single Dual Feed Zipper foot, great for inserting zippers with the added benefit of the Acufeed Feeding System. Also, useful for making and inserting larger piping cords.

To purchase click on the link

AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot HP2 - SKU: 202415004 (Standard CM7, MC9450, Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000) (Optional MC15000 upgraded and MC9400 when upgraded)

AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot (HP2)- This foot provides superior accuracy, with makings on the foot. The foot is great for curves and precise topstitching. To use this foot, attach the Professional Grade Needle Plate, this is a MUST.

To purchase click on the link

Professional Grade Foot HP - SKU: 865803006 (Standard CM7, MC9450, MC6700P) (Comes in upgrade kit for MC15000) (Optional for MC9400 when upgraded)

To use this foot, attach the Professional Grade Needle Plate, this is a MUST.

So many people love the Professional Grade Foot (HP) and its matching Professional Needle Plate (HP).

They are standard accessories with the Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000, Horizon Memory Craft 9450QCP, Horizon Memory Craft 9400QCP and the Memory Craft 6700P. These accessories are also part of the upgrade kit for the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 v2 to Quilt Maker Version, plus they are available as optional accessories for the MC6650.

Here are some of the great advantages and uses of this versatile foot and plate:

The first great thing about this HP foot is that the foot and the shank are an integrated unit, which means it is a screw-on foot – very secure and very stable. This allows for greater precision and better sewing performance, when stitching at any speed.

The narrow width of the HP foot ensures that the contact area and resistance with the fabric is minimized. Utilize this narrow gauge industrial type foot for curves and precise topstitching and experience the great ease of control and superior visibility it offers.

To purchase click on the link

Professional Grade Needle Plate HP - SKU: varies dependant on model (Standard CM7, Quilt Maker 15000, MC6700P)

The HP Needle Plate

While most sewing machines come with one or two needle plates – a standard (zig-zag) and a straight stitch needle plate – some of our higher end machines comes with an additional needle plate and a special foot that goes with it.

Essentially it is a straight stitch plate with left position stitching. The left needle position and narrow configuration of the HP foot make for wonderfully smooth and exceptionally accurate stitching in lines or curves. This is extremely useful for patchwork piecing when you want perfect, scant quarter inch seams; top stitching; and high speed straight stitching.

When the HP needle plate is inserted, the machine senses it automatically and will move the needle right where it needs to be – the left position that is!

You won’t be able to do any zig-zag with this needle plate on the machine as non-compatible stitches will be grayed out. This avoids having to worry about selecting a stitch type that might cause the needle to hit the foot and break the needle and damage the machine.

The HP plate and foot is compatible with only selected models including HMC15000 Quilt Maker, MC6700P, MC9400QCP and MC9450QCP.

To purchase click on the link

Straight Stitch Needle Plate (3 holes L/M/R) - SKU: varies dependant on model

The Straight Stitch Needle Plate

The straight stitch plate as the name suggests, is used for straight stitching.

It comes with small round needles holes in the plate to prevent fabric from being pulled into the needle plate when sewing, particularly with light weight or fine fabric like chiffon and voile that are prone to getting pulled down the needle plate opening when using a standard needle plate.

The straight stitch needle plate also offers the benefit of a more stable base and support around the needle. When used in conjunction with the straight stitch foot, it results in perfect straight stitch formation.

Janome recommends using the straight stich plate when you’re doing patchwork piecing; free motion quilting; and machine embroidery plus drapes and bed linen where you have long straight seams.

An assortment of Janome’s computerized sewing machines have smart sensors to pick up on when a straight stitch needle plate is attached to the machine and will automatically gray out all stitches which are not compatible for the straight stitch needle plate.

Some of our machines come standard with this straight stitch plate. If not, there may be an optional accessory straight stitch needle plate you may purchase.

To purchase click on the link

Please note the original MC8900 and MC8200 do not have a 3 hole straight stitch needle plate. You can not use this plate with a 1/4 inch foot.

Just so that you are fully informed

The Standard Needle Plate

Janome includes at least one needle plate with every sewing machine. The standard needle plate with all sewing machines which have buttonholes or zig-zag and other decorative stitches. The needle opening in the standard needle plate is an elongated oval hole which accommodates the side to side swing of the needle when stitching your machine’s widest stitch, which may be 5mm, 7mm or 9mm depending on your model machine.

I have not yet loaded these onto the website but will endeavour to do so. If you need a new needle please please call us on 02 95222340

Other machines

If you own a MC6650 you can use HP plate and foot for use as a normal foot, but not Acufeed. This still gives a great accurate result.

Older machines

I will do a separate post in coming weeks that will options for the Older AcuFeed System

Thanks enough to take in for today

Happy Sewing


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