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What I need to change the needle??????

Inserting a new needle

Do you know your needle needs to be changed regularly? Don't wait for it to break. They blunt, they burr, they age.

Use a quality brand needle. Cheap ones are made cheaply. They are inconsistent lengths, sometimes crooked, sometimes with the eyes in the wrong place. Your machine is worth quality accessories.

Needle types and sizes

There are also different needles for different weight fabrics, different types of fabrics and different types of threads. Change the needle to suit for much better sewing results.

For a bit more information head to :

Changing the needle position

If you are on straight stitch adjusting the width moves the needle position. As shown in the video.

If you have a machine that you adjust the width through a button not a dial, increasing the with moves the needle to the right.

Decreasing the width moves the needle to the left.

Moving the needle position allows you to align the fabric better under the foot for top stitching or ditching. It also allows you to move the needle position for insertion of zippers and the like.

If you are unsure make sure you use the wheel on the side of the machine to look at where the needle drops to when you lower it into your fabric. Doing this manually with the (fly) wheel means you can easily stop if it is in the wrong position, you have the wrong foot on etc. If you use your foot control, BAM, too late. It all happens too fast.

Go on - Go and change the needle on your machine

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