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Sew Along part 2 - Background

I mentioned in my first post that I would add the rainbow pack to the website. Here is link for those that are interested.

For those that wanted a bit more info on the background fabric, this is the one I am using

It has a grey base. It is much busier than the original background that you will see shortly. The original was a plain black. There has been much discussion about this background as it would be safest to choose a less busy, plain fabric. I just don't want to. We are hoping that if I quilt the background heavily and ditch the rainbow fabrics it will let them pop and shine. You will find out in coming weeks, as will I, as I start to make the blocks. Cross your fingers for me.

If you are happy to custom quilt your quilt, then you too could choose a busier background. If you want to have it long arm quilted with an edge to edge pattern then I suggest a plainer background.

Start thinking about what background you would like to choose. Remember you will need 3.5m

Getting ready :)

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