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Sew Along Block F

This week is not too difficult. Lots of half square triangles and a few squares. The half square triangles form pinwheels this week.

Our block

The original block

Start with watching this week's video.

I have used Michelle's MM100 templates to cut this weeks blocks

Quilt Block F - YouTube

Here are this week's instructions

Download PDF • 475KB


From the background cut 16 half square triangles from a 2.5 inch strip

and 4 squares that are 2.5 inches each.

When cutting the 1/2 sq triangles pair 8 with the yellow below and 8 with the navy below.

From the navy ladybird cut 8 half square triangles from a 2.5 inch strip

From the yellow / lime cut 8 half square triangles from a 2.5 inch strip

From the coral cut 4 squares that are 2.5 inches each

From the mint cut a 2.5 inch square

Arrange as follows


Full block


Sew the 4 pinwheels together. Again, the video has some great tips re joining the blocks and then pinwheels

Sew the middle row of 5 squares together

Sew the 2 squares between the pinwheels together in the top and bottom row

Sew the pinwheels each side of the squares in the top row

Repeat in the bottom row

Sew the 3 rows together and you are done.


To the top of this block sew a 10.5 inch square of background.

To the bottom of this block sew a rectangle of background 10.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches high.

It should look like this (yours will even be pressed LOL)

See you next week

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