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Part 3 - Amanda Murphy Bernina Diamonds Quilt Sew Along

Time for part three of my Amanda Murphy Design Diamonds Quilt Along. Do you ever struggle to get your tension correct when using specialty threads like Monofilament? In today’s video I take you through how to test and adjust your tension to get the best result.

This week focuses on preparing your quilt sandwich and commencing our quilting.

This weeks Instructions

For reading

For printing


When you watch this note Amanda works in small movements. She moves about 10cm before she repositions her hands. This will help you keep control.

Bree runs us through setting up your machine and looking at your tension for free motion

For ruler work

I'm going to give you a weeks break and not post next week. Even someone in full lock down, who gets to sew every day, will struggle to piece and baste and stabilise a quilt in a fortnight. Catch up and breathe and we will see you again on the 11 September 8am. Vicky still posted today re quilting tips and will post again next week some more tips.

You are welcome to ditch quilt with your walking foot when stabilising and straight line quilting.


If the ruler foot keeps wobbling off and coming undone and you have checked that you do have it fitted correctly it is likely that you are pushing the ruler too hard against it. The ruler just needs to rest along side it.

If you are getting skipped stitches make sure

- you have a new needle fitted

- you are using a sharp / jeans / quilting needle

- we recommend a size 90 needle

- these machines like a 90 jeans pro needle

Also make sure the foot it not sitting too high on your work if you are using a 72 or 73 foot


Monopoly that Bree used


While Amanda's packs are not available in Australia the Aurafil thread used in them is.

Please call the shop and we can add some to your parcel or Personal shop your order for you. 02 95222340

Thread chart for threads used by Amanda


Free motion feet options


Straight Stitch Plates

Gripper rings

Extension Tables

Basting Options

505 spray

This can not be mailed under the Aust Post safety rules but can be couriered. If you would like this please phone us on 0295222340

Curved Safety Pins

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