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Newsletter October 2020


I just wanted to again say thank you for your support over the last few months. It has been quite a time. I hope you have all stayed safe and weathered the storm. As I reopen this newsletter to finish it I see that I started it on 27 March. As you can tell I have been chasing my tail getting everything sorted.

We have been very lucky and with your support have survived the closures and changes in business operations during the COVID period. Without your support it would have been much harder. We appreciate all you have purchased from us to keep us in business. Every bit counts. A very big thank you from us all.


We are planning on doing a few special things this Christmas. I think we all deserve a long and Happy Christmas so I’m ready to start it now.

Christmas fabrics are out and we have started samples.

Here is the first of our special things we have planned our Creative Candy Box

We have something new and exciting this year. We are very excited to launch our Creative Candy Box 2020.

Looking for a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special? Then why not grab a carefully curated “Creative Candy Box”.

Open one treat each day in December or save them all for Christmas morning, a big box of surprises.

Each item has been individually sourced and wrapped by us. There are a combination of craft and personal items. Lots of new things not currently available in store and you get them first.

We have supported many other Australian businesses in the filling of these boxes, sourcing product from large and small Australian businesses.

The cost is $155 plus freight. There is over $290 in value. There are limited numbers and they have started to sell. In store pick up is welcome.

You can leave this in front of a loved one and send them in or get them to phone 02 95222340. That way you are guaranteed presents this year.

Here is a link to the website if that is your preferred way of buying

More Christmas ideas will follow in the next newsletter.


There has been a steady flow of fabric into the shop over the past few weeks. This has just arrived and is selling VERY fast. I better get my fabrics cut ASAP 😊 Tula Pink Linework

Christmas fabrics

Festive Friends Advent calendars $17 per panel

And co-ordinates

Koala Christmas stocking $17 each

Cockatoo Christmas stocking $17 each

Star all over print is also available

Stoff Advent calendars below - $17 per panel

Better not Pout by Nancy Halverson

These two great Stocking panels will have all the family covered

$16.80 per panel



We have produced 2 series of online classes in the last few months. It’s been quite an experience. Learning about filming, editing and uploading videos, all that goes along with that … or doesn’t. 😊

We have teamed up with Leanne from SewFab Narrandera to make these. We both have big plans for you. The classes are under our new banner - Create and Learn.

To date we have a 4 part Bernina Club and a 4 part Janome Club. We are in the process of writing the next series of Bernina and Janome Clubs. These will consist of another 4 classes. I think we are getting better along the way as we learn things. By no means are we Hollywood quality yet, but we do not want to lose our charm.

We also have a beginners Scan n Cut class and have half written a series of 4 Scan n Cut classes.

There are a few more coming so watch for these.

We will continue to produce Online classes, as we can provide these for people who can not get to classes, or for classes that take too long to teach in store but can be broken down into elements in an online class format.

We are setting up a more professional platform than the Facebook Groups we used in the first series. We will test this with some cheaper classes that will support mini kits available in store.

The first classes we will launch will be

ByAnnie Piecekeeper

This is a great pouch to keep your crafting items in or even paperwork. Kits are available in a few different fabrics. Some are pre-quilted for your ease. Here is a quick look at the project.

Diamond Pin Cushion from Tilda

More to follow in December in this one

Janome Techniques Pouch

This is a great class to learn more about your machine. Kits will be $10 and that includes the online class. Kits are being prepared at the moment and there will be a couple of Christmas fabrics options. These would be great to put gift cards or smaller gifts into instead of wrapping. Class is expected to be live mid Nov.

In store

We miss these and seeing you in store.

At this stage we have not recommenced face to face classes. We need to legally abide by the 4 sqm rule and the 1.5m physical distancing rule which means that we can only have 6 plus a teacher in the classroom. It also means the teacher needs to remain 1.5m away from you. We don’t want to expose you to illness or fines.

I am currently rearranging the shop to find a way to make this work both practically, as well as financially.

When face to face classes do return there will be some new conditions. Once these are finalised I will advise you. I am sure none of them will be a great surprise to you.

Shop Hours and COVID

I purposely didn’t start with this as I want to talk about something else for a while. Hours are as normal 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Saturdays.

We are taking names and phone numbers as you come in so that if contact tracing needs to occur it will be much easier.

We now have signed up for a QR code that you can scan. We have it one the front door, one with the hand sanitiser when you come in and another at the counter.

If you download the Services NSW app onto your phone it makes it quick and easy.

Here is the link so you know what you are looking for.

We will be asking to see that you have signed in as we want to ensure we are doing all we can to keep you and us safe.

We are also limiting numbers instore but to date this as not caused any major waits or delays.

We thank you for your support of and adherence to the “new world rules”.

The download of the App and signing in, will be compulsory for the attendance of classes in store


If you are not following us on Social media please do. We are posting lots of ideas and inspiration, as well as new items as they come in.

Blocks of the Month

We are working on some new Blocks of the Month to commence next year. These will be limited to less than 10 kits per quilt as we want to keep them a little more exclusive rather than you seeing your quilt everywhere. There will be a couple of different styles. 3 Paper piecing ones are under way currently. There is a mid between modern fabrics and traditional fabrics. We hope you will find one to suit you. If you would like to be kept up to date, please leave your name at the counter.

Technical advice

Correct bobbin tension is very important. Incorrect tension can lead to miss formed and skipped stitches. When winding a fresh bobbin make sure the thread passes through the thread guides and pre tensioner as per your manual. It is important that the thread is taught between the pre tensioner and the winder. Slackness in the thread can lead to a poorly wound bobbin.


We have had lots of supply issues throughout the year and although these are starting to resolve we do not expect things to be a little more normal until early 2021.

If you are looking at a new machine or thinking of getting one for yourself or someone you love for Christmas please do not leave this until the last minute. Come and speak to us now. We will let you lay-buy in November to secure your machine. These will need to be completed prior to Christmas. We will know special pricing by 1 November which means you still get the Christmas specials.

We are thankful for your support and friendship. Here’s to a great end to 2020. Let’s keep working together and supporting each other.

We look forward to seeing you soon


Bernadette, Ian, Crystal, Vicky and Kim

My Sewing Supplies

208 Princes Highway NSW 2224

02 9522 2340

26 October 2020

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