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Ewwwww, maybe I should have done this sooner

You may have seen on Facebook or Instagram over the last few days that I have been recovering a Horn Sewing Chair. The top is all done, but it is now time to clean the base. Most of the base is easy, but the wheels, ewwwwwww.

These chairs are on our classroom floor and each time threads are dropped or thrown on the floor they get caught in the chair castors when the chairs are rolled. You can see from the photos below that this make take me a while. There are 5 castors.

I know I should do this more often, but I don't want to ;)

You need a special tool and I suggest you have one just for this purpose....fine embroidery scissors. You don't want to use your good ones, so I am using a cheap pair. You may also want to use some tweezers.

I've spoken to Horn and they have let me know that the wheels will just pull out of the plastic base very easily. I am about to give that a go. You can then sit at a table, or out in the sun and start snipping away. Once finished, just push the wheel back into its base leg.

If you are not happy with the state of the castor when you are done you can purchase replacement ones. Just contact us an quote part number FHA.CHAIR.CAST. They are $10 to $11 each.

Here is a little bit more maintenance advice from Horn

-there is No Oiling Required

- general wet cloth cleaning

- avoid constant use on rough or uneven surfaces eg Rough Concrete or Pavers.

- because the castor uses a plastic wheel that’s intended for the carpet, tiles and timber floors, try to use mostly on these surfaces, maybe use a rug or mat.

I will post a photo of the final chair to social media, but I think it is still a while off. I don't think I can sit for hours and do this in one go. It's a bit boring and yuck LOL. It is a great lock down job though.

See you soon

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