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Exclusive to Bernina Dealers

I know there are already MANY Deborah Louie fans out there. You love her projects, you love her quilting and more.

I also know there are MANY Bernina sewing machine lovers out there. The extended warranty, the Swiss quality, the features and more.


Here is a combo deal.

Deborah has been a great Ambassador for Bernina for some time. She loves to sew on their machines. Over the last 6 months she has been hard at work making a new book. This book combines her Glamorous Clams quilt / cushion along with a detailed user guide for the new range of Bernina Machines.

If you have a new 4, 5, 7 or 8 series Bernina sewing machine. This is a great resource for you.It details what various buttons do as well as gives you a practical use for them and a project to try them on.

50 pages of valuable and informative tips.

If you already own her Glamorous Clams templates you can buy the book only for $37 if you don't I recommend you buy the standard book and template set for $55. You do need the templates to make the project.

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