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Woolly Nylon Thread


What makes the original Woolly Nylon different? It is a textured, yarn-like thread that is incredibly soft, yet unsurpassed in strength and durability. The inherent crimp or curliness of the multifilament strand provides elasticity and ravel-free finishing which is not possible with any other thread. Woolly Nylon is perfect for swimwear, lingerie, dance costumes, children’s wear, dress fabrics. Just about anything! It produces beautiful, durable rolled edges on ruffles, napkins and much more. Used in the upper looper, Woolly Nylon fills in the stitches to cover the edge where a rolled hem is used. Used in the lower looper, it helps roll the edge by further tightening the tension. This thread looks fantastic combined with a heavy decorative thread in a Wave stitch (exclusive to the Baby Lock Enlighten and Evolution). Other applications include combining with yarn when knitting, used to seam knit pieces, elastic applications and much more. Decorative possibilities galore!


Wooly Nylon thread is available in 20 colours on 1000m spools.

Solid Shades $13 each

Nylon 110/2 Creates a strong edge or a soft seam. Ideal for overlocking childrens' wear, stretch wear, rolled hems

20 Colours available


For additional colours see this link


WN1028 Light Green

WN1047 Grey

WN1076 Brown

WN1139 Navy

WN1186 Blue 

WN1188 Purple

WN1193 Rose

Wooly Nylon Designer Threads

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