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by Heather Ross


My newest fabric collection is inspired by my favorite beaches, and long days spent surf-side with my daughter and friends. I chose color stories that match the beach towns I've visited, the deep turquoise of the New England coastline in Rye New Hampshire, The traditional pinks and greens of Palm Beach, Florida, and the hills above Malibu, bright in the springtime with deep green grasses and vibrant orange poppies. So many wonderful memories are made along the water. I look forward to seeing how everyone uses these prints to tell their own stories and celebrate their own favorite beaches!--Heather Ross


The fabrics are US sized fabrics. The 24 pieces give you a piece of the full range. 


To see the fabrics included refer this link it is the 24 cotton ones, not the lawn and linen


Malibu, 52145-1, Windham Fabrics


At the moment these are only available online as there are only 2 available. 


US Fat 1/4 Pack Malibu

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