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FABRIC MAT 12” × 12”


If you own an SDX machine, there is now a mat that is specifically geared for use with fabric. This mat has a gold base colour and is very tacky and therefore holds your fabric more giving you a better cut.


Prior to this mat being released you may have been applying a high tack adhesive sheet to one of your mats and therefore using it as a fabric mat. The new fabric mat replaces this. I have been using this mat with my applique shapes recently and I find it has great hold with my fabric.


For those who own older model machines (CM series), this mat will not work with your machine however you can continue to utilise the high tack adhesive sheets and layering these onto a new mat and dedicating that mat to fabric cutting.


These mats needs to be posted flat which means they need to go into an XL bag, making postage more expensive. If you would like to add items to your order we will ensure these can go into the bag while still keeping the mat "safe".  That way you get the best value out of your postage fee. 


Product Code: CADXMATF12


Scan n Cut Fabric Mat SDX machines only

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