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Are you an expert or a passionate beginner when it comes to the art of machine embroidery? Looking for a product that will help you create professional-looking projects with ease? Look no further, Expert Embroidery Tape TearAway is here! This easy-to-tear tape is perfect for temporarily holding your fabrics in place while doing intricate machine embroidery projects.


The Expert Embroidery Tape TearAway measures out to 0.75 inches wide and 10 yards long, providing plenty of room to work on your projects. Not only that, but each pack comes with two rolls so you never have to worry about running out of tape during your creative endeavors! The adhesive is designed to be non-staining and residue free when removed - leaving no mess behind after project completion.


0.75" wide x 10 yards
2 rolls per pack

OESD Stabilisers - Expert Embroidery Tape TearAway

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