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Using Q matic for custom quilting - part 1

After you have

- mastered free motion long arm quilting

- edge to edge Q matic quilting

- and are a little more confident on your machine and Qmatic you can venture into using Qmatic for custom quilting block by block or designing whole cloths

This is not a beginners' technique and we have left this a while to show you so that you have had more time to understand your machine and software.

Make a basic block quilt to practice on. Don't use an expensive one. This is really to get some practice.

Suggestions are

- plain fabrics into blocks

- ugly fabrics

You may never use this quilt, it might go to a baby, it might go to charity, it may also be used for further practice.

Use this week to practice on the Qmatic and piece your quilt top. Next week we show you how to stich the designs using the frame and Qmatic. We will show you how to line the designs up as you stitch.

Good Luck

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