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Twin needle quilting

Did you know you can use a twin needle (double needle) on your Bernina Q machine? You can also use them on your domestic machine.

You can, but first you need the twin needle stitch plate. This has a larger opening for the needle to drop into. We can order this for you. (On domestic machines use your standard needle plate that you use for zig zag)

When using a twin needle please consider the width to ensure that is has sufficient space to drop into the needle plate. We stock a range of twin needles instore.

Do not attempt to do this without the additional needle plate. Without this the needle will hit your single needle plate and break. It is also likely to damage your needle plate and could throw out the timing of your machine. All things you would like to avoid.

Please note that your bobbin thread needs to spread between the two needles. This may mean that you need to change your bobbin tension in order for the back to look nice. Have a practice before you move to a quilt top.

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