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Troubleshooting at home

Sometimes your machine just won't behave. Here are some things we would try in the shop. By you trying these at home, it may get you back to sewing a little faster.

Re-threading from scratch both the top and bobbin.

Checking the thread is in the take up lever.

Checking the bobbin direction.

Checking it is a Brother bobbin.

Checking your needle is not too old or the wrong needle for the job or the machine.

Checking the quality of your thread.

Checking the weight of your thread and making sure you have a needle to match.

Cleaning out under the bobbin.

Adding a little sewing machine oil to the hook and race area.

Checking that your bobbin case is not damaged and needs to be replaced.

Here are some video to help you. Remember to check last weeks post if you need a needle reminder.

General trouble shooting

Cleaning the bobbin area

I don't think this video has sound. It doesn't need it. I could not make it work :)

This is a second look video in case yours is a little different

The oiling I refer to is one drop on an ear bud and wiping it around the metal area the bobbin case sits into, after the lint and dust is removed. It does not require a lot of oil. It must be sewing machine oil.

When using the screwdriver on the needle screw and pressor foot shaft, do not screw the hell out of it. Just do it up tightly. You don't want to put a lot of pressure on the shafts bending them out of place.

We hope this helps.

Happy Sewing

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