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Today's Brother post give you a chance to use your trim scraps

Do you have some small pieces of lace and trim that you just can't part with? Here is a a quick and easy project that you can make.

Start to get your Christmas gifts ready early. These are great or teachers, Kris Kringle or that extra person at the table. You could even keep it yourself, after all they were your favourite trims.

To sew plastic and vinyl we suggest you use the Non Stick Foot / Teflon Foot (F007N)

This is for fabrics which may stick to the bottom of the foot such as leather, etc.

To purchase this foot use the link below

Here is a link to the tutorial

If you need some vinyl we stock the ByAnnie rolls

These are a great quality and sew well

There is a video by Annie on that page for you to view as well

We would love to see what you make. Please post it up to Facebook and Instagram and tag us

Stay strong during lockdown



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