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Time to Shine - Bernina Crystal Edition Machines

We are launching three new BERNINA machines.

Are you excited to see what the sparkling machines look like?

Three sewing and embroidery machines for making highly polished creations

The B 590, B 790 PLUS and B 880 PLUS limited Crystal Edition machines bring elegance to any studio. And these machines not only look good in their fine outfits: behind their glamorous exterior, they have Swiss sewing and embroidery technology:

  • The BERNINA 590 Crystal Edition is a modern sewing and embroidery machine with a colour touchscreen, that combines innovative editing functions with ease of use, extremely smooth operation and absolutely precise stitch formation. Pretty stitches, pretty embroidery designs, pretty amazing. This machine is loaded with features that add convenience and precision to all your works of art. Moreover, automatic features will save plenty of time to light up your artistic side.

  • The BERNINA 790 PLUS Crystal Edition combines the advantages of the B 590 with an exceptionally large work area and a wealth of decorative stitches and embroidery designs. The BERNINA 790 PLUS Crystal Edition combines the finest technology with innovation and all the space you need. The new embroidery module with Smart Drive Technology (SDT) will let you embroider even smoother, quieter and faster than before. Simply put – this charming machine will illuminate your creative spirit.

  • The BERNINA 880 PLUS Crystal Edition is the top model of BERNINA. It features a huge selection of stitches, stitch patterns and embroidery designs, as well as the most modern software and functions. It is equipped with the new embroidery module with Smart Drive Technology (SDT) for an elevated embroidery experience, this rare gem is the queen of exclusivity.

Each machine is a total of 5 packages with

  1. machine,

  2. module,

  3. trolley bag,

  4. module bag and

  5. crystal sets

Get inspired by crystals

  • Real Swarovski Crystals to sew on

  • USB Stick with 300+ Embroidery Designs

  • Edgestitch Foot #10D and Button Sew-On Foot #18

The Crystal Edition Inspiration Kit features a wide variety of sew-on Swarovski crystals, the Edgestitch Foot #10D and the Button Sew-On Foot #18. The elegant tin box also contains a USB stick with over 300 embroidery designs, including 35 exclusive Crystal Edition designs, which add that little glitz to your project.

Suitcase System included

  • Crystal-Edition-Design

  • Plenty of storage space for accessories

  • Matches machine & embroidery module

With your BERNINA Crystal Edition machine and embroidery module, you will receive a matching Crystal Edition suitcase system, consisting of a trolley and embroidery module bag.

BERNINA is a Swarovski Ingredient branding partner

Swarovski has been the premium brand for fine crystal embellishments since 1895. It is recognized for its innovative excellence and for its collaborations with world-class designers and brands from the fashion, jewellery, accessories, interiors and lighting industries.

Are you excited yet?

Watch the website over the weekend for them to go live. They are extremely limited in stock with only a couple of each.

3 shimmering, individually tailored costumes with Swarovski® crystals have been created for your sewing pleasure. When you buy these machines we will give you all the links you need to make them. We will post more on them later.

If you want to make sure you get one of these machines you will need to be fast. You are welcome to call the shop until 4pm today 8/10/21 or next week when we reopen on 11/10/21

Please ask if you have any questions please ask


Bernadette and Ian

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