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Sew Along - Final construction to complete the quilt top

Soooooo close to finished.................................

Welcome back. This is our last week of construction. I'm excited.

This week is an easy week in case you need some catch up time.

I will post some quilting tips and ideas over the next few weeks. The week after I will post some binding tips. Then I look forward to your final quilt reveals.

It's all background this week

Remember back on Block C asked you to do the following - it's now time to grab these as this is what we will be using for the final construction.

"We are going to do a little future "preping" so please start with the below

Preparation for the future - last week of construction

From your background fabric cut 5 strips that are 2.5 inches wide by 56.5 inches long. These strips run down your quilt.

You will need to do this down the length of your fabric.

From your background fabric cut 2 strips that are 2.5 inches wide by 50.5 inches long. These strips run across your quilt.

Please note if your fabric is directional you will need to cut three strips across the width of the fabric and join them together on the short edges. You will need to then cross cut these into 2 strips that are 50.5 inches long. The left overs can be used in construction of blocks in coming weeks.

I am letting you know this now and asking you to cut it so that you have enough fabric to cut these long strips.

Please label and bag these as "final week of construction" so that you don't accidently use them along the way. "


Layout the 4 columns of blocks that we have made in the layout as shown in the pattern diagram.

Put the 5 strips 56.5 inches long on the outside and between the columns as shown in the pattern layout diagram.


Using the 5 strips that are 2.5 x 56.5 inches

- layout the columns of blocks as per the main quilt photo

- sew the strips to the sides joining the columns

You have one large piece.

Using the 2 strips that are 2.5 x 50.5 inches

- sew one to the top

- sew one to the bottom

of the large piece above.

It will look like this when you are done.

Yes mine needs a press and that will happen :)

Adding the Flying Geese Units

Sew Flying geese piece M to the top of the quilt. Make sure your geese are flying in the correct direction.

Sew Flying geese piece N,O,P to the left hand side of the quilt. Make sure your geese are flying in the correct direction.

Give the quilt top a press and you have completed the top. A huge congratulations to you - Yey :)

If you want to add the extra borders we spoke about at the end of July in Block K, it's up to you. The strips will need to be :-

2.5 inches wide by 64.5 inches long for the left hand side

2.5 inches high by 54.5 inches wide for the top

Add the left border first and then the top border.

I am about to do that.

And then we are done, hooray !!!

We are not going to leave you here.

Vicky is going to take over and give some free motion tips. These are suitable for all brand machines.

She will post her first one next week. We hope these will give you a bit of confidence to practice and maybe even start quilting.

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