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Sew Along Block K

This is the second last block. We have one more after this before we move to construction, flying geese and borders

Here is my block

And here is the original block.

Here is the video

And the instructions

Download PDF • 467KB



4 x Peach Flying geese

4 x Yellow Flying geese

8 x pairs of 1/2 square triangles to match each of the geese (16 pieces in total)

1 x 2.5 inch pink square

4 x 2.5 inch squares from background

4 pairs of 1/2 square triangles from a 2.5 inch strip - These pairs are one green and one background per pair


Layout as follows - photo 1

I have constructed slightly differently to Kimberly. You can do it either way

Sew the green and background half square triangles together - photo 2

Sew the half square triangles to the geese triangles - photo 2

Sew the Background square to the green and background half square triangle block - photo 3

Sew the 2 geese together into pairs - photo 3

Sew the units together as shown below in photo 1

We are then going to partly sew one of these units to the centre pink square - photos 2 and 3

Line the edge of the square up with the base of the peach flying geese.

Sew half way across. No more. Leave it flapping as in photo 3

Line the next block up as shown in the first photo below and sew it all the way along.

It will end up looking like photo 2 below

Continue along the next side of the pink block adding the next segment photo 1 below

Then add the last segment - photo 2 below

You will now be in a position to finish sewing the first side of the pink block that you partly sewed in step 1


Sew this block to the bottom of F unit - to the bottom of the background piece.

Then sew this unit to the H unit which has background at the top. The K block is sewn to the H unit.

On another note

As we are trying to stay a few weeks ahead of you, we have just finished our flying geese. That has lead us to discover that the cover quilt photo below has a border above the geese at the top and to the left of the geese on the left border. We can not see these on the layout photo, also below, nor in the instructions. We feel these would finish the framing of the quilt. We are going to add them.

This means our borders will have seams in them as we no longer have the correct width and length in the background fabrics to cut as one strip. Our background is directional so we need a strip cut down the fabric and a strip cut across the fabric.

The strips will need to be

2.5 inches wide by 64.5 inches long for the left hand side

2.5 inches high by 54.5 inches wide for the top

It's up to you whether you would like to add this border but we wanted to let you know as soon as we discovered this.

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