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Part 9 - Amanda Murphy Bernina Diamonds Quilt Sew Along


And just like that we are up to our last week. Yes I understand there are a couple of unfinished bits along the way. That's normal. Take your time and finish them

This week you do some more simple quilting on the cushion and construct the cushion. Again these cushions are a simple but effective design and can be made as little gifts for people. Use them to practise your quilting. Remember you will always be your own worse critic. The person you give it to will think you are very clever.

Here is the overview

Diamonds Quilt Along, Part 7: Diamonds Bonus Pillow | WeAllSew

and the

Written instructions to download and print

Diamonds_BonusPillow_Quilting.pdf (

We hope you have gained some new skills and learnt a little more.

We have started our new sew along, as you will have seen.

Keep joining us Saturdays at 8am to learn more and keep on sewing ....

Thanks for joining us


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