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Part 7 - Amanda Murphy Bernina Diamonds Quilt Sew Along


Quilting your bonus quilt

Did you cut and piece, cut and piece, cut and piece for the last 2 weeks?

Today we will start with straight line quilting and if you get up to it marking

These are the instructions. They cover next week as well and you are welcome to jump ahead if you get to quilt all week.

Diamonds Quilt Along, Part 6: Diamonds Bonus Quilt | WeAllSew


Diamonds Quilt Along with Amanda Murphy | Diamonds Bonus Quilt - YouTube

Written instructions to download and print

Diamonds_BonusQuilt_Quilting.pdf (

Do the ditching and the coloured straight line zig zag quilting. Again you are welcome to use your walking foot for this. It does not have to be ruler work quilting.

Then in the background or alternate colour you can mark out your centre grid if you have the time. This is using a temporary marker.

Use a curved object - we used the quilting ruler - to help shape the points into curves. This is second step so you can line up the edges with the two straight lines to keep the line centred. Rub out / wash out the points so you don't get confused when you quilt.

I'm going to leave it there for this week and give you time to catch up if needed.



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