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Part 5 - Amanda Murphy Bernina Diamonds Quilt Sew Along

This week we continue with our free motion skills.

We will look at the plain squares on point in the top and bottom rows and do some feature custom quilting in those blocks.

Again I would start with some quilt sandwiches for practice. I would practice each block before you quilt your quilt.

You don't have to do all of these patterns.

You don't need to do these patterns.

You many just want to do one or two.

You may even just want to do part of the quilting.

It is your quilt - do what makes you happy.

This weeks written instructions

Instructions for Download

The video for more help and instruction

Diamond 1

Diamond 2

Diamond 3

Diamond 4

Good luck, have fun and remember to breathe.

This post finishes the main quilt part of the sew and quilt along and from here we move to the projects made with your leftovers.

I'm going to give you a little catch up time and not post them up next week. We will look at something different, but you will have time to get a little more quilting done.

I want to have time and enjoy and practise. These blog posts stay here so you don't need to rush. Take your time.



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