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  • Bernadette Hoy

Open Toe Embroidery foot #20 / 20c / 20D

Did you know that if you are doing decorative stitches or dense stitches that the #20 foot gives better clearance underneath for when the stitches are formed? There is a special "tunnel or channel" for the stitches to pass trough when they are formed.

Here are some basics on applique.

Note when pivoting on blanket stich make sure the needle is on the edge of the shape once the full stitch is formed. Wait for it to go " in and out " then pivot. Hopefully when you see the video this will make sense.

Use your scraps and make a few simple shapes like this heart. It has some good edges that you can practice your turns on point and edges.

I hope you learn a little from the video

Have a great week


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