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Janome AcuFeed Feet

Today I wanted to do a quick post about the Janome AcuFeed System.

This is just a quick overview, but I hope you learn a little more.

The first thing we need to do it fit the foot.

Step 1 is to remove your foot holder and attach the AcuFeed foot. This screws into the shaft.

Keep it straight as you do this and screw it in. You will need to line the AcuFeed connection up at the rear top of the foot.

I have circled these connection points below

You can see in the next photo that AcuFeed mechanism is pushed in and connected at the rear top of the foot - compare to above and the feeding mechanism is still sitting high


You then need to tell your machine that you are using the AcuFeed System

This is denoted by the following image on your machine

You can see when it is activated it turns yellow

On the new Continental CM7 then AcuFeed feeding mechanism will not engage and move until this is turned on. On other machines it will move but not be effective.

When AcuFeed is turned on the machine will automatically grey out stitches that the system is not recommended for. This is normal. It is partly a safety feature.

On the new Continental M7 you have the ability to activate the AcuFeed system automatically. If you go into your settings you can set the Feed to "On"

This give you more flexibility in your stitch selections

That's it for today's mini lesson. I hope you feel a little more confident using this feature now.

Happy Sewing


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