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How to sew bias tape using the BERNINA Clear Overlock Foot

I have been sharing a series of videos with you to enlighten you how much you can do on your new Bernina L8 series over locker.

Today we look at L27 and C27

These come out on a Wednesday afternoon at 5pm.

In Australia we have L850 overlocker and L890 combined coverstitch and overlock machine.

The L860 which you will see in some of these videos is not currently available on Australia. It is an L850 with a screen like the L890.

The accessories will be coming in over the next 6 months. If you want to forward order any please let me know as there are a couple coming in here and there and going quickly.

I hope this provides you will a little inspiration.

It's interesting to see how much can be done on an overlocker isn't it.

Were you impressed with the sewing of elastic and tape?

Tutorial: how to sew bias tape using the BERNINA Clear Overlock Foot #L27 and #C27 - YouTube

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