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How do you load a quilt?

Loading your first quilt can be a little scary. Below is a document with some tips as well as a video. Both contain images that make it a little easier to follow than words only.

Some important tips are

- measure the quilt top in a number of places to make sure it is square. If it is not, at least you are ready and have catered for this in backing size, wadding size and pattern you are quilting.

- make sure your borders are not too wiggly / floaty. This can cause creases and folds in the fabric when quilting, as there is excess fabric.

- make sure your backing is at least 20cm in length and 20cm in width larger than your quilt top

- make sure your wadding is at least 20cm in length and 20cm in width larger than your quilt top

- make sure your backing is cut square. Look at all 4 sides. Do a measurement across various sections of the backing to make sure it does not dip anywhere

- same applies for your wadding

- make sure your quilt top is ironed

- make sure excess threads are removed from the front and back of your quilt top

- on your first few quilt tops go easy on your self try and make the top and bobbin thread somewhat similar in colour, rather than radically different

- you will need to make sure you have strong pins to pin to the leaders. The fabric is thick for strength and stability purposes.

Aggy shows us how to load the quilt here. The video runs through step by step how to load the quilt

Here is a document with some tips on loading the quilt

Download PDF • 613KB

And another one done by Amanda Murphy for Bernina America

Download • 662KB

Over time you will find your own way to load your quilt that combines many methods and pieces of advice you have been given along the way.

Good luck and enjoy your quilting

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