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Eye Mask - Brother piping foot project


Welcome to another Thursday night with your Brother.

I want to try and get you a little knowledge about Brother different feet as well as give you some projects to do while you are at home if you are joining me in lockdown :)

This pretty piped eye mask is a “one size fits most” project. It’s the perfect addition to a spa theme fabric gift basket. It could be just the thing to make friends and family as we are trapped at home and some are feeling a little down.

Here is a link to the full project sheet for you to download.

This uses either of the following feet

Brother Piping foot (F067) $29

or Brother Adjustable Zipper and Piping Foot (F036N) $21

I will also try to load some of the product used on our website, so that if you need bits and pieces we have them available for you to use at home.

This is what the different feet look like. The first photo is the adjustable foot and the second is the piping foot.

This is a great little project to get you used to using piping. These curves are fairly gently and it is a project small. The instructions are pretty good, so I am not going to add to them.

This fabric is not available in store as it is an old one used by Brother USA. We have lots of fabrics available if you would like to purchase fabrics for this project. Feel free to contact us and we can make some suggestions.

If you do make this we would love to see what you do. Please post it up on Facebook or Instagram and tag us.

Stay Safe



Elastic options

We have suggested this one because it has enough softness, but enough body to sit well in the elastic. You don't see the colours in the fabric casing.

This next one is slightly narrower than suggested but we feel it would be wide enough. Still with enough softness and body.

Threading options

The purple thang is a multi purpose tool great for threading amongst other things

Bodkins are also great for threading

Turning tools for straps and fabric "tubes"

Fusible Fleece

Premade piping

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