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Easy Project - Sew it with us

I wanted to give you a little project that is easy to do and great for charm packs or 5 inch squares.

You can use one charm pack or more. I am using 2.

I've chosen Moda Dance in Paris by Zen Chic.

Each charm pack has 42 x 5 inch squares.

Per charm pack you will need

6 x 2.5 inch strips WOF cross cut into 5 inch * 2.5 inch rectangles 42 in total

Depending on the width of fabric if 42 inches or larger

6 x 2.5 inch strips WOF cross cut into 7 inch * 2.5 inch rectangles 42 in total

You may need an additional strip if your fabrics is less than 42 inches wide

I've chosen a navy. We can add a plain to your small post bag that you purchase the charm packs in. It is $15/m let us know your quantity and colour at the time of your order. We can arrange payment over the phone.

I've been watching too many house shows and yesterday's quote on one of them was "navy is the new neutral" !! Bamm, I am right on trend, hehehehe

Remember to allow for your binding. We have fabrics in the Zen Chic Dance in Paris range. these are also on the website and instore.

I used 2m of navy and then another 1/2m for my binding.

Start here and click next to see them


If your fabric is directional or some of them are directional put them aside at this point

For multi directional or non directional fabrics sew a navy 5 inch strip to one side of the square. Do this for all of these fabrics.

Sort them into pairs

Line the edge of your quarter inch foot up against the side of the fabric as below

You can chain piece them by leaving the first lot there and adding more pairs until you have a long chain. This is a faster piecing method. See below.

This is what they will look like when you are done.

Press seams towards the dark background fabric.

They will end up being rectangles 5 x 7 inches

The directional fabrics are still set aside.

With the navy at the bottom place the 7 inch strip on the right hand side. You need to be consistent with this method every time you piece. Navy at bottom, 7 inch to right.

Sew them all together to create the blocks.

Press seams towards the background.

Layout the blocks as below

Row 1

Row 2

As you lay them out insert the directional fabrics. You can then see how to sew the background to the sides until you get the full quilt layout.

Sew the remaining blocks together one by one to make sure you get the direction correct.

It will look something like this when you are done.

You can see the background making a continuing S shape through both the row and column. Double check this before we start to sew

Sew the blocks into a row.

Continue until all rows are sewn.

Sew rows together to form a quilt top.

At this point I decided to sew a 2.5 inch strip of navy around the whole of the quilt. This used the last of my fabric.

I love this quick and simple pattern. It goes together nice and quickly. I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial as much as I did.

I was going to sell this print but I have just seen what a good match it is to the new quilt so maybe I better rearrange instead.

Remember to show us what you make. We are missing seeing your wonderful creations in store.

Stay safe


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