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Bernette 7 series sewing and embroidery machines

We often get asked about the bernette brand. While it is becoming better known, it is still not widely known, so I wanted to give you a little more information but also give you a special offer on their new 7 series machines.

I'm going to start with a history lesson.....well 2 key portions of Bernina history

The year 1988: Hanspeter Ueltschi takes the reins

Hanspeter Ueltschi, great-grandson of the Bernina company founder, takes over the leadership of Fritz Gegauf AG in 1988 from his mother Odette, and from now on leads the company with considerable skill and flair. Under his leadership, BERNINA develops into an iconic brand among quilters in the United States

The year 1989: Odette becomes bernette

Odette Ueltschi-Gegauf continues to shape the company so effectively that the sewing machine line bernette is named after her: a combination of her first name and the brand name BERNINA.

So that is how bernette was born. While these machines are not Bernina machines they are made for Bernina under their design and specification briefs. As they are made in sewing machine factories that make a lot of machines for many other known brands, each brand can pick and choose designs and components to give them the machine both in deisgn and quality that suits their purpose.

The latest range the bernette 7 series mimics some of the features we ove on the Bernina 7 series. You will find a similar interface, similar size and similar features. The bernette series is a lower more attractive price for many people who can't afford a Bernina or want a second class machine. As these machines are sold by Bernina dealers you still have the great support network you get with the Bernina brand.

So if you have loads of ideas—but sadly, not a sewing machine that can keep up with your creativity? Then the new bernette models are just what you're looking for!

Embellish, embroider, shorten a pair of pants and much more—whatever you want to do, your bernette can handle everything with impressive reliability. This is no surprise because BERNINA continually monitors the quality of these smart machines.

Allow yourself to be inspired and discover how easily you can turn your imagination into unique clothes, accessories, home decorations, etc. You can now do this more easily than ever before, thanks to the many convenient features. Want to sew like a pro with a big fun factor and an attractive price thrown in? No problem with your bernette!

There are 3 machines in the range

bernette70 DECO

The computerized embroidery machine to raise your creativity to the next level

The b70 DECO is a real specialist. As a pure embroidery machine, it offers everything for decorating or personalizing clothing or accessories. With over 200 embroidery designs installed the right motif is at your fingertips – and you can directly edit it on the touch screen. Want something truly yours? Upload and save your own embroidery motifs via USB flash drive. Raise your creativity to the next level with the embroidery software modules Lettering and Editing of BERNINA Toolbox.

  • 5-inch color touch screen to conveniently edit embroidery motifs

  • Easy and quick operation via multi-function knobs

  • Embroidery module with 3 hoops and embroidery hoop detection

  • Maximum embroidery area of 260 x 160 mm for large designs

  • 208 preinstalled embroidery motifs

  • Compatible with multiple design formats

  • Convenient upper and lower thread sensors

  • BERNINA Toolbox embroidery software Lettering and Editing included

bernette77 Sewing Machine only

The affordable sewing machine with lots of extras

The b77 focuses exclusively on sewing and quilting. Get creative and sew your own clothes, quilts, or accessories. Discover new stitches and sewing techniques with this easy-to-use computerized sewing machine. Sew a delicate chiffon dress or a fine leather clutch. No worries, with the b77 it’s simple to work with all kinds of materials . Even quilt several layers with an impressive stitch quality. Enjoy the countless creative possibilities of the b77 and get inspired for your next make!

  • 5-inch color touchscreen for easy navigation

  • Multi-function knobs for quick operation

  • Sewing consultant for valuable tips included

  • Dual feed for fast, even fabric feed

  • Programmable foot control with back-kick function

  • Semi-automatic needle threader

  • 500 stitches including 17 different buttonholes

  • 8 presser foot soles and large extension table included

bernette79 Sewing and Embroidery machine

Our most excellent, affordable sewing and embroidery machine

The b79 is our top of line model. It offers everything a creator needs – this two-in-one machine combines all the sewing functions of the b77 with the embroidery perks of the b70 DECO. The b79 makes creating a unique and special handmade dress with delicate embroidered flower embellishments easy. Newbies, never fear, this machine is so simple to use, you’ll become the maker you’ve always wanted to be in no time. This attractively priced sewing and embroidery, computerized machine is perfect for everyone. It's incredibly easy to use, offers a wide range of functions and lets you be your most creative.

  • Multi-function knobs for quick operation

  • Extensive sewing and embroidery area

  • Sewing consultant for valuable tips included

  • 500 stitches and endless possibilities with Stich Designer

  • Dual feed for fast, even fabric feed

  • Programmable foot control with back-kick function

  • Embroidery module with 3 hoops and embroidery hoop detection

  • 5-inch color touchscreen for easy navigation

  • 2 BERNINA Toolbox software modules included

These machines are on special for another week so please give us a call 02 9522 2340 to find out more information . We are back full time with normal trading hours from Thursday morning 9th Jan 2020 at 9am

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