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Adding Q-matic...

Do you already own a frame and wonder what would change if you added the Qmatic software?

What's Q-matic software??

Q-matic is Bernina's state of the art system for automated long arm quilting. It involves a touch PC mounted to the side of the frame. This gives you commands at your fingertips. The computer includes Art & Stitch software and is WiFi compatible. It also comes with more than 600 designs.

On the frame you have a one-touch quick belt release system.

Q-matic give you the ability to

- Automate your quilting in just a few simple steps

- Plan your quilt in every detail with ease

- Stitch out simple edge-to-edge designs or intricate custom patterns

With multiple on-demand help functions for assistance in every step of creating and placing your quilting designs this is one of the easiest systems around.

Many other systems have a base price with necessary addons. Q- matic comes with all you need to get going, including the industrial style monitor. We install the software in your home and give you a one on one lesson, so that you can get going straight away. This lesson occurs the day of installation or the day after depending on the timing of the install. We like to take our time to make sure it is done correctly and you can confidently start to sew when we leave.

If you would like to know more give us a call or drop in for a visit. We have the Q24 and Q-matic in the shop ready to demonstrate.

Here is a video to show you what changes on your frame with the installation of Q-matic.

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