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A little more on Janome AcuFeed

Last week I ran you through a little on fitting and activating the Janome AcuFeed feet.

This week I wanted to share a little more

Did you know AcuFeed is great for stretch wear sewing? We recommend you select stitch 6

It looks like a tiny lightning bolt zig zag and hides to look like a straight stich in your fabric. The AcuFeed helps to stabilise the stretch in the fabric while the stitch helps to give movement and stretch to the stitching.

Depending on your machine you may need to activate manual mode to access the stitch. Refer to last weeks blog

Did you know the magic of the HP2 foot?

It is fabulous for a scant ¼. It is also great for curved piecing and spiral when quilting

Just keep lining the edge of your foot up with the last row of stitching.

Turn up the Acufeed for circles. What do I mean by this? Stay tuned for next week's blog .... :)

It also has ¼ inch guide marks on the foot and is great for things such as binding.

To the narrow AcuFeed foot you can fit a zipper foot base. This great for bags such as those in the ByAnnie range.

If you would like to see the difference between the single or narrow AcuFeed foot and the HP2 foot here is a visual for you. You can see there is about a 2 – 3mm difference with the HP2 being the smaller of the 2. This gives you better vision and precision especially when it comes to curves.

That's it for this week. Stay tuned for part 3 next week

Happy Sewing


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