• Bernadette Hoy

Sweet Bilby

I've just added these pretty little Bibly and Flannel Flower fabrics to our website. There were two linen cotton mixes that were also a great match that are up on the site too.

The Sweet Bilby range is by a designer named Amanda Brandl. She is an Australian designer and from "The Shire". Locals supporting locals. How could I not buy these fabrics? Have you seen those cute little faces?

We are often get asked if we have Easter fabrics and I can never find anything I really like. I thought these were a great Aussie alternative.

Imagine a baby quilt, a dress, a romper, shorts, skirts, ruffle bum pants, a little bag, a gift bag, should I keep going ……? Can you see I like the fabric?

Come and have a look or buy on line.

Get that Sew Jo going.

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