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So excited, so nervous and scared

Sometimes you've just got to jump and hope you've made the best decision.

This is one of those times and we think we have.

As you are aware we have had some building issues, leaking, termites, ceilings falling in, month by month lease and more. Our street has also been rezoned and we can not be sure of our medium or long term tenancy.

So we have made the big decision to move the shop. We have not done this lightly and have put a lot of time and thought into the right location.

Don't worry it's still close by.

208 Princes Highway Sylvania

Less than 5 mins drive and 5 kms from our current shop.

Parking at the rear on site.

Parking out the back in a street- suitable for all day classes.

1 and 2 hour parking right out the front.

Bus stop out the front.

All going well doesn't leak and is pest free.

Ceilings and walls look good.

2 toilets

A storage area

A clean slate

What more could we want :) ?

Once we have more plans and some photos to share I'll do so. The next few weeks are going to to busy and stressful. I know you'll be understanding and patient with us and I thank you in advance. We are trying to make this move as smoothe as possible. Yes, of course, we will have a "house warming' party.

The new building is smaller and we can't take everything with us. Also we don't want to move it all. Way too much work LOL. So we are continuing our big sale.

We have about half the fabric in the shop at 1/2 RRP or $10/m. These specials are minimum 1/2m. If you finish the bolt I'll give you an extra 10% off the reduced price.

We also have lots of the remaining stock at 35% of RRP if you finish a full priced bolt. There are still lots of bolts that have between 1 and 2 m left on them, on the wall, included in this special.

The remaining Robson Anton rayon embroidery threads are reduced from $9.50 to $6 each.

Hand Quilting thread reduced from $6.65 to $4.50 a spool

Silk Finish Thread reduced from $10.50 to $6 a spool

Ribbons - 40% off RRP when you finish a roll

Laces reduced -40% off RRP - minimum 1m each lace

Some laces reduced to approx 1/2 price already

Dress wear fabric - full priced fabrics 40% off RRP, some already permanently reduced.

Demo sewing machines and overlockers on special

Pre made quilt bindings 1/2 price minimum 1m

Buttons - finish the tube get 30% off. Lots of small quantity tubes available.

Selected paper pieces - 1/2 price

Quilting rulers branded My Sewing Supplies or Peg's Pieces - 30% off

There are lots of patterns at 1/2 RRP or close to - these include quilt and craft patterns as well as dress making patterns

Want more? .... there will probably be more but, there is certainly lots here to choose from while we have it.

I hope you are as excited as we are

See you soon

Bernadette and Ian

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