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Keeping those scraps moving

I'm hoping you've all just about finished the last scrap busting challenge I set you. Don't worry if you haven't your very normal. I'm going to try and keep you motivated to use all those pesky scraps. Here is another free pattern. This one uses a total of (70) 8½”×3½” rectangles. Yes a different shape to the last project.

Personally, I would just cut 70 rectangles from all sorts of fabrics. I know we all want to try and be matchy, matchy, but this is a great chance to use all sorts of fabrics and all sorts of styles. I challenge you to even throw in a couple of your ugly fabrics. I know, I'm torturing you. Sometimes you may even be surprised in a good way.

Once again I would love to see your choices and progress Please post them up on Facebook and Instagram and tag us.


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