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Add text stitches to your projects

When do they mean when they say your sewing machine can sew stitches that are shaped like the alphabet?

More to the point how do you get it to work and not just stitch the same letter over and over?

If you have a Bernina 7 series or one of the new 5 series this tutorial is going to help you.

It covers how you

- go into combining mode,

- how you change font

- how you change from upper to lower case

- adding a decorative pattern stitch

- grouping the text

- selecting how many times you want the group to stitch out

- stitching it out (if you have a #20 open tow foot that would be a great one to use here)

- saving the stitch combination to use later and

- getting it back later to use it again

I would also add to this - add a layer of tearaway underneath your fabric when you are doing the stitching. This will stabilize your work and give you better results. When you are finished carefully tear it away making sure not to pull at your stitches.

Have fun


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