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• A high quality medium weight tearaway, washaway stabilizer

• Provides excellent stabilization for medium to high stitch count designs

• Use on woven fabrics, including towels, when no permanent backing is desired

• Great choice for redwork designs, designs with open areas, and piecing quilt blocks

• Any exposed stabilizer disappears with laundering but remains under stitching to support the design

• 1.7 oz


Product Usage Instructions

Ultra Clean and Tear TearAway Stabilizer

• Cut the Ultra Clean and Tear stabilizer approximately 2” larger than your hoop.

• Spray the Ultra Clean and Tear with temporary spray adhesive. If using multiple layers of stabilizer, adhere all layers together with temporary spray adhesive.

• Center the Ultra Clean and Tear over the design area on the wrong side of the item to be embroidered and gently smooth into place.

• Center the design area of the item to be embroidered over the center of the hoop.

• Secure the item in the hoop without pulling or stretching the fabric.

• Embroider the item.

HINT: A topping such as a sticky washaway should always be used on towels and is recommended for most all embroidery.



• Remove your embroidered item from the hoop.

• Hold the embroidered item with the stabilizer side up.

• Tear the stabilizer carefully away from the embroidery, supporting the embroidery stitches between your thumb and finger to avoid distorting the embroidery or tearing out fragile stitches.

• If multiple layers were used, remove layers one at a time.

• Any remaining exposed stabilizer will disintegrate with laundering, but will remain under the stitches to add support to the design

OESD Stabilisers - Ultra Clean and Tear Roll 20 inches wide x 10 yards

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