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• Clear, heavy film that completely dissolves in water

• Great for patches, freestanding lace and applique

• Use when no visible stabilizer should remain in the project

• Adds stiffness to freestanding lace and appliqué structures


Product Usage Instructions


• Cut one piece of BadgeMaster and one piece of AquaMesh approximately 2” larger than your hoop.

• Note: BadgeMaster is frequently combined with AquaMesh for stitch intensive designs and to add stiffness to freestanding structures.

• Hoop all layers as one and stitch the design.

• Follow removal instructions to remove excess stabilizer.



• Remove the embroidery from the hoop.

• Trim excess BadgeMaster, leaving about 1/4" of stabilizer around the design.

• Rinse any remaining stabilizer away with warm running water.

• For a stiff effect, as in stand-alone lace, do not rinse away all of the BadgeMaster

OESD Stabilisers - BadgeMaster Roll 12 inches wide x 8 yards

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