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AquaMesh WashAway Stabilizer


• An opaque mesh water-soluble stabilizer

• Perfect for creating freestanding lace, freestanding applique structures and patches

• Ideal to use on sheer or lightweight fabrics such as batiste when all traces of stabilizer must be removed

• Resists drying out or absorbing moisture

• 1.2 oz


Product Usage Instructions


• Cut a piece of AquaMesh approximately 2” larger than your hoop.

• Lightly spray AquaMesh with temporary spray adhesive.

• Place AquaMesh against the wrong side of the fabric, centering over the design area. • Some designs may require 2 pieces.

• Embroider the design.



NOTE: Stand-alone lace designs have been specifically created to be stitched on water-soluble stabilizer alone. Not all lace designs are created to be stand-alone designs. If you are not sure about the design you plan to use, check with the design’s creator. OESD freestanding designs have a reference in the design name including FSL (Freestanding Lace) and FSA (Freestanding Applique).

• Cut two hoop-sized pieces of AquaMesh.

• Hoop all layers as one and stitch the stand-alone design.

• Follow removal instructions to remove excess stabilizer.



• Remove the embroidered item from the hoop.

• Carefully trim away the excess AquaMesh, leave about 1/4" of stabilizer around the design.

• Rinse away any remaining stabilizer under warm running water. If a stiffer lace product is desired, rinse for a shorter time

OESD Stabilisers - Aqua Mesh 20 inches wide x 1

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