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Moonlight Thread


This thread is a lightweight metallic, 8 ply, yarn-like product. It will add the glitz to your project whether on the surface, using a reverse chain stitch, in the bobbin for decorative bobbin work or through the overlocker loopers. It can also be used in embellishing, cross stitch, needle-point hand work, punch embroidery or crochet or through cording and couching feet on the sewing machine. This thread is too thick, however, to fit through the eye of any machine needle.

You will be surprised how soft moonlight decorative thread is. This thread is washable, colourfast and has many uses. It was originally developed as a blending yarn for knitting by hand or machine. It creates a thick glittery feature on projects such as placemats, quilts and dressmaking.

Moonlight thread is available in 17 colours on 100m spools.


ML109 Purple

ML107 Melon

ML106 Deep Pink

ML105 Red

ML104 Sea foam Blue

ML103 Lime

ML102 Medium Blue


For further colours

Moonlight / Candlelight - Designer Threads

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