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You have the choice ot purchase the templates only $31.70, book only $39 or the set at a discounted price.


Finished Block 12in


Curved piecing is not hard to do, if you approach it in the correct manner. Accurate cutting is the first step and the new Raleigh acrylic templates designed by Michelle makes this job easier.


Believe it or not, the sample is a quilt built from Michelle’s scraps and stash of fabrics, except for the backing fabric. A small amount of numerous fabrics are required, and it is the variety that gives the quilt the depth of colour. The design changes dramatically if you change the placement of the fabric values. Perfect for hand or machine piecing.


You can also purchase her first self published book in a new series, offering her workshop content in book form.


This book takes one traditional block design and illustrates for the reader how to change the look of the quilt that results from the block, by simply changing how and where the values are placed.


Have your own private worskhop at home: Michelle Marvig Design Series Book #1 - Raleigh. Includes indepth instructions to make a single block using the templates, cut size of strips, quantities possible from strips, and pressing directions of course! In the design chapter she takes you through my thought process and present 12 different quilt variations using the same templates


This book requires the purchase of  MM110 Raleigh Template set . Full instructions for two quilts are included

Michelle Marvig - Raleigh Template or Book

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