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Looking for a bold and dramatic thread that wants to show off? Spagetti™ is a 12wt Egyptian cotton thread that has been double-gassed and is free of wax or coatings that can build up in your sewing machine.

This low lint thread is ideal for showing off your hand quilting and decorative stitches that will make your next project pop.
Size: 8 x 200m (219yd)
Weight 12wt
Spagetti™ Pack SC SP Set-1 BRIGHTS
SP-01 Bright Warm Red
SP-02 Fun Orange
SP-03 Golden Yellow
SP-04 Chartreuse
SP-05 Turquoise
SP-06 Denim
SP-07 Deep Royal Purple
SP-08 Magenta
Spagetti™ Pack SC SP Set-2 JEWELS
SP-09 Deep Rich Tomato
SP-10 Dark Pumpkin
SP-11 Rich Gold
SP-12 Medium Fern Green
SP-13 Ocean Green/Blue
SP-14 Stormy Blue
SP-15 Eggplant
SP-16 Deep Magenta
Spagetti™ Pack SC SP Set-3 NEUTRALS
SP-100 White
SP-18 It Grey Taupe
SP-19 Medium Grey Taupe
SP-20 Dark Grey Taupe
SP-21 Caramel
SP-22 Army Green
SP-23 Rust
SP-103 Vanilla
Spagetti™ Pack SC SP Set-4 TROPICS
SP-38 Pansy
SP-39 Carnation
SP-40 Orange
SP-32 Lemon
SP-42 Spring Green
SP-43 New Growth
SP-44 Aqua
SP-45 Bright Aqua
Spagetti™ Pack SC SP Set-5 GARDEN
SP-33 Fresh Lime
SP-04 Chartreuse
SP-12 Medium Fern Green
SP-08 Magenta
SP-35 Coral
SP-39 Carnation
SP-03 Golden Yellow
SP-16 Deep Magenta

Wonderfil Spagetti Thread Packs

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