SUP211-2-ATOM – Elastic 20mm – Atomic Red


2 yard / 1.8m  pack


Fold-over elastic provides a decorative finish to apparels, crafts, hairbands and more! 


The elastic is shiny on one side and matte on the other to allow for flexibility in aesthetic and is creased along the center for easier folding and sewing. 


We especially love using fold-over elastic for finishing the edges of mesh fabric for pockets in purses and bags. 


Not working with mesh? Fold-over elastic is perfect for finishing a neckline or wristbands on a special outfit.


It also beautifully finishes the edges of diapers or diaper covers to securely fit your special baby.


20 mm wide, nylon.


Available in 14 terrific colors.

ByAnnie – Fold Over Elastic Atomic Red