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Mounting bracket for magnifying lens and PunchWork tool

Pure comfort

  • Enables instructions to be read simultaneously
  • Enables couching of thick felting yarns and ribbons
  • For use with the magnifying-lens set and PunchWork tool
  • Requires installation by specialist personnel


You need this mounting bracket attachment to mount your needle punch accessory set or your Magnifying Lens Set to your sewing machine. The mounting bracket has four parts. Three brackets are used for the different sizes of magnifying lenses. The fourth bracket is needed to attach the needle punch accessory set.

The magnifying lenses magnify the sewing area and make it easy to see when threading a needle. The needle punch accessory set lets you create a wide variety of felt work. The mounting bracket for both of these tools is easy to use and can be adjusted to the optimal size.


Magnifying lens bracket to suit current 5, 7 series part #0338537203

Magnifying lens bracket  to suit current 8 series part #0320527000

Magnifying lens bracket to suit Aurora, Original 5 series, 630/640 part #0338537002

Magnifying lens bracket to suit Activa (large), Virtuosa, Artista part #0338537000

Magnifying lens bracket to suit Activa, 2 series, 3 series part #0338537001

Bernina Mounting Brackets

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