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Magnifying Lens Set

For a better view

  • 3 magnifying glasses with a magnification of 1.25, 1.5 and 2
  • Makes it easier to thread and sew tricky areas
  • Including hand holder for practical reading lens
  • For use with the mounting bracket for Magnifying Lens Set & PunchWork tool


If you do not already own the lens set for a different machines or the punchwork tool and bracket you will need to purchase a lens set and the appropriate bracket for your machine.  This needs to be in 2 transactions. 

Magnifying lenses to buy the lenses, then the bracket to suit your machine as a second purchase. 


If you own the lens set for a different Bernina machine you can just buy the appropriate bracket for your new machine. 


If you own the punchwork tool bracket you can just purchase the lens set. 


BERNINA’s practical Magnifying Lens Set sharpens your view of the work area. The set contains three magnifying lenses of different strengths, enabling you to choose the most suitable magnification for the project at hand.

The lenses provide an optimum view when threading, and magnify the stitching area. This is especially helpful for precision sewing in tricky places. The magnifying lenses also make lighter work of embroidery, sparing your eyes and reducing fatigue. The Magnifying Lens Set also features a bracket for simple mounting to the sewing machine.


If you are unsure please make contact and we can check for you PH 02 95222340


Magnifying lens set part #0082647500

Magnifying lens bracket to suit current 5, 7 series part #0338537203

Magnifying lens bracket  to suit current 8 series part #0320527000

Magnifying lens bracket to suit Aurora, Original 5 series, 630/640 part #0338537002

Magnifying lens bracket to suit Activa (large), Virtuosa, Artista part #0338537000

Magnifying lens bracket to suit Activa, 2 series, 3 series part #0338537001

Bernina Magnifying Lens Sets or Brackets

  • Lens Set does not contain mounting brackets

    You need to purchase these separately to suit your machine

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