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The foot is NOT included in this purchase.


Cup Clip

Special cup shape

  • Ideal companion to Ruler Foot #96
  • Perfect for pantograph quilting & Q-matic
  • Trouble free quilting over open seams
  • Easily quilt over uneven surfaces


The Cup Clip is an ideal companion to the Ruler Foot #96 when it comes to pantograph quilting (freehand or automation), Q-matic or quilting appliquéd quilt tops. Quilt easily and comfortably over thick and uneven surfaces. 

No catching! The Cup Clip glides easily over:

  • basted quilt top side parts 
  • any baste-stabilized parts on the quilt 
  • open seams 
  • appliqué parts 


Part # 1038507000

Bernina Cup Clip for Ruler foot 96

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